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The first week of the summer season of shining glory has passed, and already my watching/to watch list from this week alone consists of:

Free!-Eternal Summer-
Space Dandy S2
DRAMAtical Murder
Re: Hamatora
Shounen Hollywood
Bakumatsu Rock
Tokyo Ghoul
Sailor Moon Crystal
Ao Haru Ride
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


  • Track Name

    Find A Way

  • Album

    Life Left To Go

  • Artist


SafetySuit - Find A Way

That feels trip you get when you go back and rediscover a song associated with an old (but still important) OTP and then you spend the next few days with the song on indefinite repeat

As glad as I am that NICO Touches The Walls is providing the second OP to Captain Earth, I’m mostly devastated and dreading it because that means I won’t get to hear flumpool’s Believer’s High for the rest of the series

Goes to check out the violin part I’ve been assigned for one of the songs on our anime cover setlist, thinking, “I know I haven’t played in years, but it’s J-Pop, surely the strings can’t be all that bad-“

*listens to song**actually reads the music*

… Shit.

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